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Flowers for a Graduation Party

Updated: May 23, 2022

Our first flower order of the season was for a graduation party. We were silly and neglected to put up a hoop house this winter, so all we have in bloom currently is Lance Leaf Coreopsis, but boy are they gorgeous! Don‘t worry, we are definitely putting up a hoop house next year.

The client ordered 13 bouquets. These are rustic cowgirl chic themed with Lance Leaf Coreopsis, mint, catnip blooms, honeysuckle, and grass! Who would’ve imagined that grass would look so pretty in a bouquet? They smell AMAZING and even better, they’re chemical-free. We love how they turned out and think they will make beautiful centerpieces in blue mason jars.

We have tons of flowers about to be in bloom by June. We are looking forward to a bountiful flower season! Need flowers for an event? Contact us!

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