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Established in 2018 on 29 acres in Gardening Zone 7A, we are a flower farm and blacksmith in Jonesborough, Tennessee.  


Photos by Carly Bartelsen of Asheville Elevated Photography.


A Brief History of Bent Tree Spring Farm


Bent Tree Spring Farm, formerly part of the Archer Farm, has been in the family for many years. Susan remembers when it was owned by her cousins and referred to as the "Stout Place" in the late 1950's. No doubt the Stouts owned it long before that. An old 1910's model Sears Kit Home stood on the land along with two barns, at least one out building, a spring house, and an outhouse. Jim and Joyce Archer acquired the land sometime in the late '50s or early '60s. Susan's father, Jim had a beef cattle farm on the land from the mid twentieth century until the mid 2010's. Susan fondly remembers riding a Percheron plow horse named Dobbin on the farm.


Jim told his daughter, Susan where he wanted her to build her house on the farm in the mid '80s around the time her daughter, Serena was born. Serena was fortunate enough to grow up on the land frolicking and riding horses. She was very close to her grandparents, Jim and Joyce who lived less than 2 miles away. Jim and Joyce Archer bequeathed half of the land to their oldest daughter, Susan. Joyce passed away in 2010 at age 86. Jim passed away at age 95 in 2015. No words can describe how much they are missed. 


Serena met Austin Yarber in 2010. Austin grew up in Athens, TN wanting to be a farmer and Serena always wanted to build a house on the farm to be close to her mother, Susan. Serena and Austin were married on the farm in 2013. When Serena and Austin's son, Andric was born in 2015, the desire to live on the farm became more urgent! In 2015 Susan inherited the land around her home from her mother, Joyce's estate upon her father, Jim's passing.

In 2018 we, Serena and Austin, sold our house on the Tree Streets in Johnson City and moved in with Susan while our home was being built on the farm. We had nine months to think of ways to transform the farm into something that would benefit us, the community, and the environment. 

First, we settled on the name "Bent Tree Spring Farm" due to the Native American bent trees and arrowhead found around the old spring. This land dates back a long time with a spring-fed watering hole that's likely been used for hundreds of years. The farm is along what was known earlier as Route 2 in Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town! We dated the bricks in one of the barns to be 100+ years old and the road leading to the spring is likely much older. We seek to honor the rich history of this land.

We started a flower farm and it continues to evolve from there. Austin took up blacksmithing and loves it. We established our brand as an LLC. Improvements are continually being made to the farm. We have so many ideas that we hope to set into motion, so stay tuned! You can currently find us at local events, including the Jonesborough Farmers Market. Follow our blog and our social media to keep in touch!

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