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Limpy Loo and Farm Tour Update

Our Guinea Fowl, Limpy Loo was found safe and sound! Austin was weedeating the rocks in front of the barn when he spied Limpy Loo, who had survived hunkered down in the weeds for two days! He was dehydrated and tired, but he is okay! Ever since he was returned to his coop, he has been too afraid to venture out again with the rest of his flock. We don’t actually know if Limpy Loo is a he, but because he is smaller than the rest of the flock, it’s presumed!

The Appalachian RC&D Council Farm Tour was a success! We had over 110 people and 30+ cars visit the farm. Austin got to show off his blacksmith shop and we enjoyed talking about our big plans for the farm. It was so great meeting locals who have an interest in agriculture and agritourism. Everyone who came to the farm was a joy to talk to.

Come see us at the Jonesborough Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8-12 until October 22nd. We will be selling flowers and blacksmith wares. We will also be opening up the farm on Saturdays for You Pick after the farmers market as soon as everything is in bloom, so stay tuned!

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