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U Pick and Farm Updates

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We are excited to announce that You Pick is now open on the farm. We are doing this by RESERVATION ONLY at this time. Please await a confirmation of your time slot before you arrive. Text or call : (423)446-1066 or email

BYOV (bring your own vase) or BYOB (bring your own bucket). We will have some vases for sale in limited quantity.

Pricing :

$10 per bouquet (max 15 stems)

$50 per bucket (bucket = 5+ bouquets)

Flowers in bloom :




Black-Eyed Susans




Other Updates:

We had a great 4th of July on the farm. The Jonesborough Farmers Market was canceled last weekend during Jonesborough Days. We enjoyed the fireworks as a family and had a great time.

We have been so thankful for all of this rain we have been getting. Since we are a dry farm (not irrigated) it has been a HUGE blessing. We pray that it continues.

On July 7th we stocked the pond with fish from the fish truck at the Jonesborough CO-OP. We stocked grass carp, bass, red eared sun perch, and bluegill. We are preparing to install aerators which will run off of a solar panel. We were able to procure all of those items from Harbor Freight and we will update on that once it is all installed.

Austin has been hard at work in the blacksmith shop making knives, sheaths, herb choppers, and dinner bells among other things. A client requested a special herb chopper with holes for stripping leaves off of stems. That design has garnered many compliments. Austin has also had several dinner bell orders lately. He needs to make us one! He sells everything he makes and we have nothing to show off in our own home! We certainly aren't complaining, though.

Our Guinea Fowl are doing well. They graze bugs around the farm for several hours per day. They have gotten pretty good about returning to roost when it starts getting dark. They don't need much encouragement to get back into their stall. Sadly, we think the flock decided to cull Limpy Loo. We had been manually retrieving him and putting him back in the stall every day. The other birds had been shunning and bullying him. We have been looking for him, but it seems he may have wandered off to let nature take its course. We had been researching and everything we read suggested culling him from the flock. I just didn't have the heart to do it!

We are seeing a big difference in the ticks and other bugs compared to this time last year. I recommend Guinea Fowl. I love watching them pick bugs in the garden. Unlike chickens, they don't eat our garden, just the bugs! They are super loud, which I love, because I don't think anything can sneak up on us! I'm excited to try their eggs.

Important Announcements: We will not be at the Jonesborough Farmers Market NEXT Saturday, July 16th as we will be out of town. You Pick will be open for reservations that afternoon and evening, however.

We are also in the process of creating YouTube and TikTok channels dedicated to all things farm-related. Stay tuned!

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